Friday, May 13, 2005

The Perranti Deception

New science fiction short story, done! I really like this character, she's young and alien and learning new skills. Finished it this evening at 3900 words. It's long for a first draft, but it's high on my list of my stories. Yes, I don't always like the stories I write. Those end up in the "shelved" folder on my computer. I never delete, never throw away. But this one won't end up there.

Denalla, the main character, may even end up with a novel of her own.


Margaret said...


Me, I never shelve stories...I just kinda forget about them until I have to do statistics :p. Sounds like a great story.

Dawn said...

Well, shelving is my way of not wasting brainpower stressing over how I can fix it. I've actually pulled two stories out of my shelved folder, which makes me feel better, that my skills are improving. :) That's why they are shelved instead of deleted. I need the visual to get them off my mind, but I'm strange that way.