Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Moving Treasures

There are treasures we possess that only get attention when a major cleaning is underway, like when we move. Sean and I are packing for our move and I came across my report cards from grade school, right down to kindergarten. For those of you who wonder if it's true, are we really set in our ways from five years old? I say yes. It must be. Mrs. Brucella said I had difficulty with scissors (still do, unsteady hands) and Ms. Murphy said I daydreamed too much (also true.)

Daydreaming is something I still do, often at times I don't intend. My father-in-law has caught me at it more than once. "She's off in Dawn-world again." Hence, the name of this blog. Dawn World is where my vague thoughts and glimpses are blended and shaken into ideas. Sometimes, daydreaming helps me solve a plot problem I'm having with a story. How many nights have I struggled to find out how one character can save the day and still live, when the answer will work itself out in the back of my mind only to appear in a daydream. This is why I leave pen and paper all over the house - I never have to go far to jot the idea down before it disappears back into Dawn World.

The moral of the blog is, if you see someone daydreaming, don't startle them out of it. When they smile back to full consciousness, then you can ask what it was about. Oh, and if it's a kid? Encourage them. :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Weekly Update 3-26-2005

Writing has been difficult this week, trying to balance the home-for-sale state-of-cleanliness and sorting out some character issues for Shadow of Blood. Both are moving toward resolution (offer made and accepted for the house; characters reworked). Despite the difficulties, I've made strides forward in the story. For I Have Sinned is going through some changes as well, though all for the better. The story remains intact, only the writing itself is being changed--improved.

House update: We passed by the construction site today, and though they won't start on our building until May, the first set of townhouses is up, with the exterior complete. They're gorgeous. I was a little worried, having bought off blueprints only, but it appears the risk was worth it.

Job update: the unexpected job interview went well and I've been asked for a second interview. It'll be great if I get the job - working with the same people, for the same company, only moving two desks away, and worst case scenario - the same money. The next interview will be in about two weeks. The manager has to fly in from our Phoenix office. Everyone at work thinks I'm a shoe-in; I prefer not to overthink it.

Tomorrow is Easter. Hope it's a happy holiday for all.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Current Projects

In the past, I've only focused on one project at a time. The past six months or so, I've tried working simultaneously on a main project (the novel) and smaller side projects (short stories/articles). Here's what I'm currently working on:

Shadow of Blood - a fantasy novel about a slave in a desert city. One man wants to use him, another man wants to torture him, while a third wants to see him dead. The only person he can trust tortures him far worse than his three enemies.

For I Have Sinned - one of my favorite (science fiction) short stories, I've been submitting this one to some magazines. No luck yet, but I'm giving it another revision. A healer is haunted by the memories of a dead man.

Hunter, Hunted - a fantasy short story that is in it's second revision. I think I've got the plot holes worked out this time.

Comets' Kiss - a science fiction short story that tried my science knowledge. My friend Bari helped me sort out the reality of it, and I hope to have the first revision done soon.

This is a bit more than I intended to balance, but I'm determined to get through all of these by the end of April so I can start on some new stories.

In the queue:

Forgotten Star - due for another revision. This is the first fantasy novel I've ever written and it's changed a lot, but for the better. This time, the revision will be complete and I'm sending it out for critique.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It must begin someplace, and where better than here? The sharing, of course. I do not live in a vacuum, though at times I've isolated myself with my writing that when I finally look around for my friends, they've disappeared. This is the beginning of my apology, though I know they understand. My passion for my craft is not a secret, though the "how" is surely a mystery for some.

Here I will share my passion with you. Or at least the near-anal method of my existence.

Thanks for stopping in. Don't forget the courtesy two-by-four on the way out, to remind me of your existence.