Saturday, February 25, 2006

2/25 Weekly Update

I've been battling lately. Partially because I'm pregnant and dealing with the brain-gaps (one nurse called it Placenta Brain), partially because I haven't been able to keep up with the housework or my writing, partially because I was forcing myself to work on a project (Shadow of Blood) that simply doesn't work with my state of mind. I never give up on writing projects, not novels, and it was a difficult decision but I finally put it aside.

This week I've been working on Hunter Hunted. It's one of my favorite short stories that I loved from the first draft. The main character Elk Daymar is a hunter on an assignment that brings his five year old daughter quickly to mind. I always knew parents loved their children unconditionally (except for Denethor - poor Farimir) but I never pushed close to see what it drove the parent to do, or what emotional issues it would bring up. No, that's not the focus of the story, but there is the feeling that if Daymar continues his hunt, he may never see his daughter again. Depending on his success, it may be something that will ultimately protect her, though she'll never know it.

I'm continuing the edit this week. Let's see where I end up.

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