Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday 8/29

Project Update: Blood of the Dragon Tree

The outline work is continuing. It seems I have a dual beginning, and I'm not sure which to use as my opening scene or if I should work the childhood Janelle into adult-Janelle's backstory. It's been suggested to me to do both and clean it up later to present the best side, and I'm heavily leaning that way.

Mornings haven't turned out too well with writing. There is too much to do with the baby, as well as chores to get done before my husband goes off to work since I don't expect to get much done while I'm alone with a two month old infant. (Yes, I know, I need to grow up a little here and just DO what needs to be done. I'm still working on that...)

I've been blessed with a child that likes to sleep at night (probably why she won't sleep well or long during the day). Evenings are my writing time now, after she goes down for the night. Let's see if she will let my novel come to life, or if I'll be putting it away for a year or so. Wish me luck!

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