Thursday, September 24, 2009

so much to write, so little time

Hunter isn't an edit, it's a rewrite. The new ending I have in mind is good, and it ties together the story threads quite nicely. I want to salvage a few parts of the original story, I worked in a lot of imagery that adds to the ghostly feel of the story and I want to keep that. The main character is still the hunter, but he's not so much hunted as he's caught between a rock and a hard place. He becomes judge jury and executioner.

As for the parsec story, I've jotted down about a dozen ideas I could write. I'm going to pick my favorite and run with it. The contest allows up to four entries per writer, so I'll take it one story at a time, and just try to vary the use of the theme and genre to make them as different as possible. I started the first story over lunch, and it's a little creepy. I wrote the ending first actually, which is unusual for me, and the fate of these characters is kind of sickening but fascinating at least to me. I just need to keep writing it and see what it turns into or rather, starts with. :)

I really like the theme -- Color of Silence -- and I swear they must've picked it for me this year. Last year's theme was Dark Glass and I almost had a story for it, but just didn't commit to it. The prior year just stumped me (Metallic Feathers). I know I can write to a theme, and finally I've got one that just sings to me. I can't waste the opportunity. Hopefully the story will sing too.


E. Hartshorn said...

Hooray for lots of writing on deck.

I didn't do a good job of incorporating the theme this year -- too subtle -- but the Metallic Feathers was fun.

Good luck with everything!

D.M. Bonanno said...

Was "Being Green" your parsec story then? I'd be afraid to live in that world. *shivers*.

E. Hartshorn said...

No, no. "Being Green was completely separate.

My Metallic Feathers story concerns Jennilee, my clockwork nightingale. Well, actually she's a '40s-style torch singer. But she needs some editing work.

D.M. Bonanno said...

I thought that seemed to fit the theme of dark glass. :) I'm trying to be not so literal with my interpretation and it seems the muse LIKES the straight literal, so I'll let her tinker for a bit and see what results.

E. Hartshorn said...

My two stories for Dark Glass were "Gilda Mason and the Agent of L.I.M.B.O." and "Family Man." The latter I reworked into a novella and submitted to an international contest (though judging by Maripat's crit, I should've saved my postage!), and the former needs some serious work -- like, say, a goal for the main character. :P

I can see where you might see the drug glass as fitting the theme.

Literal can be good -- part of what they score on is use of the theme, and the easier it is to see, the better that is.