Saturday, March 26, 2005

Weekly Update 3-26-2005

Writing has been difficult this week, trying to balance the home-for-sale state-of-cleanliness and sorting out some character issues for Shadow of Blood. Both are moving toward resolution (offer made and accepted for the house; characters reworked). Despite the difficulties, I've made strides forward in the story. For I Have Sinned is going through some changes as well, though all for the better. The story remains intact, only the writing itself is being changed--improved.

House update: We passed by the construction site today, and though they won't start on our building until May, the first set of townhouses is up, with the exterior complete. They're gorgeous. I was a little worried, having bought off blueprints only, but it appears the risk was worth it.

Job update: the unexpected job interview went well and I've been asked for a second interview. It'll be great if I get the job - working with the same people, for the same company, only moving two desks away, and worst case scenario - the same money. The next interview will be in about two weeks. The manager has to fly in from our Phoenix office. Everyone at work thinks I'm a shoe-in; I prefer not to overthink it.

Tomorrow is Easter. Hope it's a happy holiday for all.

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Christina said...

well, in a nutshell I have to go to the doctor on friday we will see what happens last night i ate more than usual that was a good sign i thought but today I have a stomach ache, I cant eat a thing. The fan in the bathroom is broken and water is leaking in but tomorrow I get my bed, I am excited. Well, i understnad that you are busy just fill me in whenever you can