Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Short Story: Apotheosis

My favorite writing challenge of the year has begun: Forward Motion's "Story A Day" Challenge. It isn't truly a story a day unless I choose it to be, but it's a great focus time to work on short stories.

I wrote my first one today, a fantasy story about a man looking for salvation in a sword. He doesn't find it in the sword of course, but you'll have to read about it. :) Here's the opening (subject to change upon editing):

Apotheosis promised life remade, a chance not only for redemption, but restitution, and it lay beneath his feet. Matthew sunk to his knees and studied the map he had drawn months ago, drawn with a mathematical fervor that could not be matched by his wife's anger as she left their home that last time, nor the burning hatred in the eyes of his neighbors.

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