Friday, December 11, 2009

tiger princess

About a month ago, a new member to inspired me with her user name, "Tiger Princess".  I knew I had to use it in a story.  I wrote tiger princess on a note and it's been staring at my all this time.  And today I found a new listing on Ralan for the Triangulation anthology "end of the rainbow" and the story HIT ME.  Punched me in the gut.

I have some research to do, but I know where I want to go with this.

AND at the same time, I figured out what (else) was wrong with Nighthunter's Bite. 

I need some writing time this weekend.  I need to work these out.

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E. Hartshorn said...

Congrats on figuring out what the story is! And hooray for sorting out something else about Nighthunter's Bite.