Wednesday, December 23, 2009

too harsh

I expect too much of myself at times... I'm close to making my goals for the year.  I won't complete all of it, there simply isn't enough time.  But with the whole potty training the toddler, getting us through the second baby's first year, and various other things (including a writing class!), I did pretty well.  If I get through Hunter this week and submit, that'll only leave one goal unaccomplished: writing the short stories.  I shouldn't be beating myself up about this!  So I'm going to stop.  I'm looking at what I accomplished, and I'm pretty pleased.  I never expected to get as close as I did to my goal, and that's why I was so hard on myself.

So, Hunter tonight.

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E. Hartshorn said...

Totally do not beat yourself up! You've done great getting back to the writing, especially with young'uns. I believe potty training is on our 2010 agenda. *sigh*

Good luck with Hunter!