Monday, February 22, 2010

Revising Better

I knew this revision for Black Violas is the toughest one I've done a long time. The biggest issue was the viewpoint (written in 3rd, revising in 1st) and that the wording/verbiage was rather pathetic.  I'm making serious progress, and am rewriting the last of the scenes. At this point, actually, the ending is completely new. Yet, I still have a page of notes, details I need to work into the story.

Why is this so difficult? Why is it taking me so long?

And it just hit me today. I've improved. I'm doing two or three drafts worth of revision in this one revision. I'm seeing my problems all at once instead of revising for problem A, then revising for problem B.

This is big. :)  I'm thrilled. I'm growing!


E. Hartshorn said...

Hooray for progress! I know it may not feel like it when you're doing so much *more* work, but it is. Congrats.

D.M. Bonanno said...

I get it, I totally do. And it's fantastic recognizing it. :D