Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Results, September Goals

My primary goal this year has been of a dual nature: Consistency, and short stories. While August was not a phenomenal month, I did maintain this basis of my goal formation.

August Results

  • Short Stories Edited: 1 (Sunguard)
  • Short Stories Written: 0 (Nighthunter's Bite is still in progress)
  • Crits: 1
  • Novels Read: 2 (Plague of Memory and Wolf Who Rules)

What I didn't get done was based on time constraints, the physical need to not be on a computer 12 hours a day, and changes in my family. I know these things will balance out.

September Goals

  • Story Edits: 1 (Sunguard!)
  • Story Writing: 1 ('Bite, preferably)
  • New Submission: 1 (if Sunguard is ready)
  • Adv. Fiction Class: 0/1 (low priority, I have a year to complete 5 more lessons)

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